About Me

I'm a web developer who started coding a few years after college, realizing that the only way I was going to bring my ideas to life was to actually learn how to do the work myself.

After some confusing attempts at learning through MOOC's, I quit my awesome growth hacker job at a bootstrapped media startup in the Southwest and enrolled in Bloc.io's Software Developement Track, where I'd benefit enormously from their mentorship model and curriculum designed for people like me.

Bloc's self-paced model afforded me the time to work for my father's 18-year-old legacy healthcare company, which was struggling to grow because of internal inefficiencies and high turnover. I applied many of the same growth techniques I learned from my last job to transform the business into a sustainable, revenue-generating, well-oiled machine.

I'm now in the final module of the curriculum with Bloc--the Open Source Apprenticeship, and looking for my first full-time job as a web developer. I am really hungry to learn from experienced developers in a team environment. I've learned that part of becoming a better web developer means surrounding yourself with people that are more knowledgeable, more experienced, and all around better than you.

I've learned HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and key programming concepts that have prepared me for a job as a web developer. My current focus is on learning JavaScript, Angular 6, and Material Design.

Outside of web development, I really enjoy Crossfit, baseball, relaxing on the lake, and spending time with friends, family and beautiful wife.


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