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Thanks for visiting my portfolio website. You can visit my external profiles to learn more about me, but here is the only place you can find my extended bio.

I studied Finance in college and moved to Phoenix, Arizona after graduation to work for a meda company that a couple of my friends had started. Working with them was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. I was given a great deal of responsibility to grow the company, dubbed by our CEO as the resident "growth hacker" before the term was popularized.

I led projects to diversify our revenue model, conduct experiments, and manage the exponential growth in HR. By the end of my tenure, I had seven direct reports across four departments within the company. And while I found my management duties to be an exciting challenge, I was more interested in the challenge of web development.

I felt limited by what I didn't know and found myself going to our web developer to build only what I could in my imagination. So after two years at the company, I quit my job and enrolled in Bloc, Inc's Software Engineering track in August 2016.

Bloc's curriculum has challenged me, and my mentors have pushed me to ship code that tests the limits of my imagination. My capstone project in the web development module of the program is the most challenging project I have ever completed. The first generation isn't production ready, but it has a practical use case for the technologically-archaic industry it serves.

Outside of Bloc's mentorship program, I work as a project manager at the company my dad founded in 2001. I focus mainly on replacing legacy vendors with partners that have met the new challenges of the industry and share a vision for providing more technologically sound solutions for the industry. There is always a project to tackle, and there's always work to be done.


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